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"Everybody working with Crystal Reports knows that translating them manually can be a tedious experience. After having spent long hours trying to localize extremely complicated reports, we were desperately looking for an automatic tool. Crystal Translator is just what we were dreaming of: a tool that could spare us all the unnecessary manual work and help us concentrate on translation. The built-in translation memory enables to re-use all the previous translations, so there is no more need to translate modified source reports all over again. We especially appreciate the fact that the program supports right-to-left languages, where besides the string translation, one actually needed to rebuild the report changing tables and strings alignment. Using Crystal Translator allowed us to spare precious time and human resources and to work much more effectively. The support team responded quickly to all our remarks and provided us with the necessary solutions for the problematic issues."

Maria Asnes

Interactive Intelligence Inc

"I had been hoping to have a tool for translating/localizing Crystal Reports files and I was very happy to find this product last year. I evaluated the product and purchased it soon after. Since then, we have been saving both cost and time. I found some issues in the software, but I have been receiving exceptional support from SoftLang which I had never had from others."

Kazuo Suzuki

PayTrue Solutions

"We choose Crystal Translator to translate our solutions; targeted on world wide banking and financials institutions. It does provide us a powerful tool to empower the increasing requirements of data extraction."

Diego Nario


"We had to set up a smooth and fast localization process for a collection of Crystal reports, and we found Crystal Translator a must-have for this project. Compliments on your support - fast and always helpful!"

Bernd Löffler



"We were to build an "English-Arabic" bi-lingual solution with good number of reports using “Crystal Reports”. The mirroring option required for Arabic version along with Right-to-left flow of text made it more difficult to do the same manually. Therefore we were looking for a tool that could effectively ease the pain out of translating to Arabic.
The Crystal Translator Professional edition which we purchased met the purpose very well with the option to "export translatable text to XLS" and "import translated text from XLS" feature - a very notable user friendly way to allow the translators to do their job. What to say? - Except that we are impressed. Keep up the good work"

Madhan Kumar P


"Helped us a lot in moving the translating process to the user and took the burden off the developer and allowed us to be more efficient in the development phase."

Mattias Skog



CSOFT Solutions






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