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Version history



Version 3.30

  • Supports Crystal Reports 2016
  • Supports Windows 10
  • Added command line Rebuilding for the Enterprise edition
  • Added extraction/support for Group Name formula
  • Support field in first position in text object
  • Corrected XLS import not importing some multi-line texts
  • Corrected issue with section orientations that were reset to default value
  • Corrected issue if user press "Use Saved data" in "connection details" dialog box, parameters were not carried over to target reports

Version 3.22

  • Faster pre-translation when using option "Translation from All reports"
  • Support for 14 additional conditional formula such as date order
  • New TM\pre-translation\Formula syntax
  • New "disable design view" option in File\Options menu to support large reports
  • Support font name in local language (chinese...) with CR 8
  • Correct an infinite loop in pre-translation when retrieving text from any reports
  • Correct field in text object losing their color when editing text
  • Correct "incorrect number of parameters" when using Excel 2000 SP3

Version 3.20

  • Support Crystal Reports XI release 2
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista
  • New truncation automatic resizing option (TM\Pre-Translation)
  • Support condition formula of text object embedded fields
  • Product update notification
  • Add "password" property to the login dialog box with Oracle driver
  • Preview available even if the report does not have database connection
  • Mirroring now changes the alignment of dates
  • Report filename extended from 50 chars to 255 chars
  • Improvement of internal handling of carriage return
  • Correct field element incorrect position if translated text contain carriage return. However a space need to be inserted between 2 fields if on their own one under each other (one field per line)
  • Correct carriage return issue in translated text with reports for Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Correct font size increased by 1/5 point with reports for Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Correct first run of spell checker not apply the correction
  • Correct issue with the multi-line editor not set in RTL for Hebrew text with 3.03

Version 3.03

  • Correct error when closing the application after opening a report connected to an ODBC-SQL Server database under some Windows XP machines

Version 3.02

  • Correct pre-translation issue in 3.01 when saving translated properties

Version 3.01 

  • New Design View available even if there is no connection to data-sources, providing an overview of the report while translating it

  • Object selection from the design view
  • Selected object is automatically highlighted in the design view when moving objects within the grid editor or multi-line editor. The design view auto-scrolls if necessary to show the selected object
  • Support for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Includes an updated Crystal Reports engine (22/12/2005)
  • Correct the issue of translated segments not always re-used between reports if the TM contains several target languages
  • Correct error when closing the application on certain computers


Version 2.70 

  • Support for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .Net 2002-2003
  • Change Paper size and paper margins with horizontal resizing of all the report objects
  • Notification of possible truncated texts when translating, importing XLS files, rebuilding translated reports in batch mode or on demand
  • Option to restore the original connection details when closing the translated report
  • Save translated reports into sub-folders or in original folder with a language code suffix
  • Statistics on the number of reports, words... processed by and stored in the TM database
  • F2 key or single mouse click to put the grid editor's translated value in edit mode
  • Input of decimals for size and position of objects if metric set to millimetre, centimetre or inch
  • Object selection from preview now working under French, German and Spanish Ms-Windows
  • Correct issue when saving a translated report while one property was still being edited in the grid editor

Version 2.50

  • Support for Crystal Reports 11
  • Spell checker for over 30 languages
  • Keyboard shortcuts to most of the functions
  • Support for Non text formula, including selection formula (used in Select Expert)
  • User settings: restore column width, restore multi-line editor position, formula validation, measurement unit selection for position and size of objects, open last TM used...
  • Reopen previous source reports from the toolbar
  • Correct issue when mirroring a report which includes sub-reports
  • Correct issue with editing and pre-translating parameter default values. Only the string values are now extracted.
  • Correct issue when importing Tool Tips conditional formula from an XLS file


Version 2.25

  • Character sets support for Crystal Reports 7, 8 or 8.5 allowing translation into Arabic, Hebrew, Russian... for such non Unicode reports
  • Support for Sub-report tabs and on-demand caption
  • Date, Time, number and currency formats can now contains Unicode characters
  • Correct issue with keyboard language always starting as "US English" if this keyboard layout is installed on the OS


Version 2.22 

  • Country flags
  • Support for graph X, Y, Y2 and Z axis title labels
  • Minor memory improvement
  • Text formula displayed properly whatever the language by using the default target language font
  • Correct issue with some specific time formats
  • Correct issue with field elements formatting when editing manually a text object or changing its font


Version 2.20 

  • Batch XLS Export (Enterprise edition)
  • Batch XLS Import (Enterprise edition)
  • Batch generation of translated reports (Enterprise edition)
  • Batch workload analysis can now analyse folder and sub-folders (Pro & Enterprise edition)
  • Faster pre-translation by using in-memory cache
  • Faster XLS Export (Pro & Enterprise edition)
  • Extract of parameter default values
  • Save and load connection properties from .ini files
  • Restore the property filters to previous session
  • Auto-open the multi-line editor if the translated value contains a carriage return such as formula
  • Includes an updated crystal reports engine (13/12/2004)
  • Correct issue with carriage return in formula that look truncated in Crystal reports even if they function properly
  • Correct issue with carriage return mismatch when importing certain XLS file
  • Correct issue with formula tips when exporting/importing to XLS, if text start with '
  • Correct the issue with text longer than 255 chars appearing as ####### in Ms-Excel
  • Correct preview of reports with parameter and saved data for which the source can be previewed but not the target report


Version 2.03 

  • OLE pictures can now be selected from the preview
  • Correct issue with the formatting of embedded fields in Text object
  • Includes an updated crystal reports engine (05/11/2004)

Version 2.02 

  • Support for Tool tip text conditional formula
  • Selection in preview handling sections with OLE pictures
  • Correct issue in 2.01 with the "Previous Translation" field


Version 2.01

  • Right to Left languages support with layout mirroring facility. Hebrew example included
  • Pay per use scheme for infrequent users
  • Grid editor with property grouping, sorting, filtering and auto-width adjustment
  • Preview with object selection and multi-line editor opening from double click
  • Setup Wizard, progress bar, drag and drop
  • Automatic reopen of the last TM used
  • Quicker pre-translation
  • New XP menu, toolbar and buttons style

Version 1.62

  • Corrects an issue in 1.61 regarding the XLS import and export of text using Unicode characters
  • Speed of the XLS export has also been improved over 1.61
  • Progress is provided in the status bar

Version 1.61 

  • Corrects an issue in 1.60 regarding the XLS import and export of text containing carriage returns.
  • The XLS export has also been improved to protect the columns that should not be touched by the translator and only allow him/her to edit the target values.

Version 1.60 

  • New pre-translation options to get the most of your translation memory
  • Import of TMX files produced by other translation memory tools such as Trados, SDLX, Deja Vu... (PRO edition)
  • Automatic checking of Formula scripts after edition.
  • New language list conformed to RFC 3066
  • New "modified" filter
  • Speed and memory optimization
  • Smaller download size

Version 1.50 

  • Unicode support. All languages but right to left are now supported
    Font replacement
  • XLS import (PRO edition). You can now export the translatable text to an Ms-Excel file, send it to a translator and then import it back to automatically generate the translated report.

Version 1.20 

  • Generate translated reports that can be opened with Crystal Reports 7, 8 and 8.5.
  • Open reports created with Crystal Reports 10.
    Therefore it is now fully compatible with Crystal Reports 7, 8, 8.5, 9 and 10.
  • Analyse (words count) several source reports at once, saving you even more time (PRO edition).

Version 1.01 

  • Extract the translatable texts from your reports
  • Translate your reports with an immediate preview
  • Pre-translate automatically your updated source reports so you only have to translate what has changed
  • Localize currencies, numbers and dates
  • Provide you with a word-count before starting the translation
  • Import reports you have already translated to reuse these translations in the new version of your source reports (PRO edition)
  • Export the translatable text to Ms-Excel (PRO edition)
  • Export the translations into an industry standard TMX file (PRO edition)


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